The Life and Work of Richard Stöhr

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Performances of Richard Stöhr’s works since 2009

Christine Lavant Quartett

String Quartet in D minor, Opus 22 (1910)

Three Intermezzi for String Quartett, Opus 124 (1948)

18 Apr. 2009 Alte Schmiede , Vienna Op. 22

12 Nov..2010 Alte Schmiede Vienna Op. 124

14 Nov. 2010 Private concert, Vienna Op. 22, 124

22 Nov. 2010 Hamakom Centre, Nestroyhof, Vienna Op. 22, 124

17 Jan. 2011 Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna Op. 124

Vienna Reading List

There are many fine books about Richard Stöhr’s Vienna.  Here are a few.  We would welcome submissions of other titles to add to this list.   Vienna and the Jews, 1867-1938 by Steven Beller Vienna: Jews and the City of Music, 1870-1938 by Leon Botstein Last Waltz in Vienna by George Clare The Viennese by […]

Welcome to Richard Stöhr’s website

Greetings!  We hope that this website helps you to learn more about this relatively unknown composer, teacher and author.  If you have questions, suggestions for improvement, or information that might help us make the site better, please get in touch with us through the Contact page. We will be posting updates of various kinds through […]